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Thursday, November 1, 2007

I tis a fly.
Ello, I'm a fly. xD I love you Stephy [Lex]. I tis a Yuki. My nickyname tis snow...flake. You know, Yuki? Snow? Snowflake? Tis works. Or, if you like, I be 5 ft wonder, for I am not even that tall. I only 4'10'', and I only 15. Figure that out?

Oh yes, I talk like this. I Swashanese fly. And go Buzz Buzz Buzz. Ask Stephy, she a fly too. She go Buzz Buzz Buzz as well.

I like kettle corn. She likes balls... Blue balls. xD

I also Kaoru Itowa's girlfriend. Figure that out too. He doesn't even know. xD Wait till he finds out.

Kaoru, keep your pants on. xD

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