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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   Sorry folks
Yeah, I haven't been on in days, I even missed my birthday.The computer's been running like shit because of something called Trojan viruses.
Back to my birthday, my dad was going to get my cake after we went out to eat. We were in the van (after eating of course)and he drove all the way home. He looked at my mom and said "What?" ,as my mother was just sitting there.My mom said "Um...cake?" and my dad just started laughing. Anyway, we did get the cake.

I got This leather hand thingy with a metal loop that goes around my middle finger and a sun shaped necklace, both with the Hidden Leaf mark. I also got a sketch book and Naruto buttons ^_^
Stylin' among the unpopular lol

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Me and niisan were poking this guy at school, and he started shouting "RAPE!" It was hilarious. In English, our section is on "Thank You, M'am".I guess I've been misspelling one of the character's names wrong for the past week.I've been spelling it "Rodger" while it is "Roger".Seriously, isn't Roger pronounced "rog-er?" Whatever.Report cards are tomorrow, and according to Edline.net, I have straight A's again.Surprise, surprise.
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   Belly shirt dude
I am currently obsessed with this charactor from Naruto who wears a belly shirt.The first time I saw him(Shippuden 1)an idea came to mind:"Belly shit on guy=hot*drool*.Solve for guy."Since We just got to that point in Algebra 1,I'll figure it out,just like on Blue's Clues.The best, my friends.

Popular among the unpopular

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

   Trick-or-I EAT YOU!
I went to the Malloween thing at the mall*gasp* yesterday night with niisan and my little brother and sister.We got candy as well,so it was a good deal.I'm also going trick-or-treating tonight with niisan.Across the river(another state)trick-or-treat was on Saturday,but I haven't gone to it for years.

About the I EAT YOU thing,that's an inside joke started by me and Alex-kun. :yay

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Monday, October 29, 2007

PHS vs Ripley
Last Friday was said football game.As it was the last home game, it was Jr.High Band Night,meaning all 8th and 9th grade band members had the oppertunity to play in the PHS marching band at half time.I went,and it was the best six hours of my life!I sat between Alex-kun and Savanna-chan with the high school band instead of jr.high >w<
Teehee! I EAT YOU!

btw,PHS won,55 to 3.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

   Halloween Dance
I went to a dance as Deidara;YES IT WAS A COSTUME PARTY!!!!!I had forgotten to take my anger medication beforehand,so I got pretty fired.I air guitared lots to the only good songs they played:TNT and Temprature.Don't diss teh air guitar skillz.The flying monkeys live in my closet!!
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

We Are The BacaDobes
Heh...didn't even pass the qualifying round.There were so many teams that it was divided into four parts,and me and niisan were in three.We had to eat five handfulls of Hot Tameles and drink half a cup af orange juice mixed with hotdogs and salad dressing.Then we had to three leg race to the crowd.Me and niisan came in first in our quarter,but I don't understand why we didn't get into the next round.The winners anyway were the prep basketball girls in my grade.I have a feeling it was rigged,but maybe that's because I'm a dobe.

On a lighter note,I am working on my Halloween costume.It's just my black jacket with some handmade red clouds sewn on(Mom:Poorly! Me:Cram it!Don't diss teh skillz!).I haven't decided between Tobi or Deidara yet though.Suggestions?

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   2nd Annual Fear Faactor
I finished the ACT Tuesday.Tomorrow I'll be in the school's FDA approved version of Fear Factor.My parter is my niisan^_^ I'll tell you people about it whether you like it or not when it's over and I've won >:) Later taterz!
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chinese Elf Rat
K, that's my new nickname from now on.I have slightly angled eyes,I AM NOT ASIAN sadly.I have kinda pointy ears,but I'm far from being short.And I look like a rat when I attempt to talk and eat simultaneously.Got it down?

I got really nearvous when I had to do my book report orally.I don't think I did THAT bad,even though I was shaking and trying not to laugh from said nearvousness.You should see me when I have to get shots.Now that's hysterics.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

   Super smiley! :)))))))))
This is how my day went by period number.
Algebra 1 1st:Ran into desk.
CATS 8 2nd:Had minor asthma attack.
Band 8/9 3rd:Ran into symbol stand and yelled like an injured dog.
StateStudies 4th:Finished book report YEAH!
Study Hall 5th:Took a well deserved nap.
Lunch 8 6th:Got slammed into a licker,more hurt puppy yelps.
English 8 7/8th:Took and probably passed a test.
Art 8 9th:Finished weaving purse!!

All in all,a good doggy day.

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