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Saturday, September 1, 2007

hello (^_^)
well, im back for now i guess (^_^) i kinda miss everyone from here (^_^"") i wont be on like..everyday like i used to, but ill be every other day or something (^_^)

nothing much has happened, but we got MORE exchange students (-__-) but my school is international..so..yeah \(^0^)/ we got 2 from South Korea, 3 from California, 2 from Australia and 2 from England (^_^)

yesturday, i went to Harajuku Dirstict with my friends Kotomi, Akemi, MeiMei and Leiko (^_^) we went to Sanrio (love that store) and bought ALOT of Mamegoma and Cinnamoroll stuff \(^3^)/ it was fun!

well, i have to go, bye bye!

- xoxo Lily

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