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Monday, August 20, 2007

stupid site was down all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-___-)


oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just found out my friend Leiko (aka LeiLei/ Petal) is pregnant!!!! (O.O)

she is only 16 years old (><) she wont tell me how she got pregnant no matter how many times i ask her (T^T)

she told me she is 4 months but barely found out. i couldnt even tell she was..shes still thin

she seems excited though (@~@) she has "pregnant" all over her myspcae (-_-)
her myspace is

and what she looks like
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my friends are so kawaii (^3^)

she hasnt told her parents yet..and they are very strict so..shes gonna be in SO MUCH TROUBLE

well..ill try to messege everyone back as soon as i can ok? bye bye (^_^)

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