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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   i love my ds
yes - i love my ds - im pretty sure my eyesight has degraded terribly since im constantly sticking my nose in it ^_^ - yeah i know its a completely random topic but oh well (i'll love my wii too if they had more rpgs)

well have been playing a game called otometeki which is in japanese- but is really easy to play so doesnt really matter. Its a funny game about a girl who weighs about 100kg and you kinda have to go on a diet and quite possibly win the heart of one of the gorgeous guys that live in the apartment block as you

so im kinda playin to unlock all the pics (and believe me its so worth it)

lol - if only they'll make a naruto dating sim ^_^ - it'd sell heaps since all the fangirls/boys in the world would want a chance at their fav charcter. yep - here's a new pic to commemorated my unlocking a confession from the no.1 jack- um i mean prince of the school(the blond - who i dont think is the best lookin at all)

but yeah random naruto pic cause i think naruto guys have wat it takes to rake in all the girls - so please someone make a decent dating sim of naruto

sorry - i dont know how to link images properly O.O

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