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Saturday, February 9, 2008

im sick - literally. actually had to skip work for once. thank god i still get paid. My colleague told me to stay away. But will prob have to go to work tomoro......i wonder if i can get the whole school sick (mwahahahahah). no not good - at least get those nasty year 10's sick...yep - thats my plan. haha.ho..cough...che...cough...wheeze

am workin on a new pic - although dont know when im gonna finish - I was tossing up betwn drawing kurapica (hunterxhunter) or kurama?(yuyu hakusho)(i know someone requested a drawing of him over a year ago...but i got lazy - im SORRY! T.T) - but then decided on kurapica - since i dont c as much fanart oh him

and i guess i still dont kno the person who wrote that comment - guess it was a longshot - only reason i knew was because its still there in the "recent comment" section - just not in the comment box when u click it up. but thanks for everyone's support! AND i also realised - as someone else mentioned - why would i only steal ONE pic if it was a series? u gotta accuse me of stealin the others as well right? ;P

Oh and happy belated CHINESE NEW YEAR to those that care (i know lotsa different nationalities celebrate it as well - even if its just for fun )- hope u got lotsa money (tradition for adults to give money to children in red envelopes) i heard my lil bro and my big sis got $50 each from my parents alone O_O....but im livin away so i get nothing T.T...i wonder how much my lil bro got from everyone else? he's young enough to be spoilt thats why.

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