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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   i wanna know
i kno its a long shot but i wanna know who wrote this

Posted On: 02/02/08
u diddnt draw this its all over the website and plus i no who the real preason who drew this ass wipe!...

i think its aimed at the picture with sakura with the tattoo (the crazy sexy cool series). The post got deleted b4 i got to it (im sorry to all my friends, i know i dont visit that often T.T)

- and prob the only person who would know is the person who wrote it - which mean they wont wanna talk to me anyways...

but i wanna kno!!!! who is suppose to have my fanart then? ps - dont go calling ppl names b4 u ask for answers (i say alwys check the date of submission - although i do submit to minitokyo under my sis' nick "skye" as well)

im guessin they reported my fanart then got their comment deleted cause god knows how long my pics have been there. AND THANK GOD THEY STILL ARE. i know i'll cry the day a pic gets deleted because someone said it wasnt mine T.T

- although bright side - its good enough to be taken right?

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