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Friday, July 13, 2007

yeah its been ages since i last posted :P but most people should be used to it by now i guess. went visitin ppl yesterday - but then cut it down updates in july since im sure i've missed way too muc T.T SORRY if i didnt visit u ah watched the new harry potter movie yesterday - they're all so grown up T.T - sniff. not been doin much lately - been hooked on 3 ds games which isnt helping O.O but how can u help but juggle through them. finally got that pokemon ds game - it came out june 21st but i couldnt get it till 2wks later because of my job. ah watched naruto shuppuden? cant remember the name - but yay! i so love it wen it follows the manga >_<....im such a sucker wen it comes to anime - wateva i get hooked on i draw - so i drew a naruto sasuke pic - and hear i thought i wouldnt draw them again for ages...lol- the power of addiction
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