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Saturday, February 9, 2008

im sick - literally. actually had to skip work for once. thank god i still get paid. My colleague told me to stay away. But will prob have to go to work tomoro......i wonder if i can get the whole school sick (mwahahahahah). no not good - at least get those nasty year 10's sick...yep - thats my plan. haha.ho..cough...che...cough...wheeze

am workin on a new pic - although dont know when im gonna finish - I was tossing up betwn drawing kurapica (hunterxhunter) or kurama?(yuyu hakusho)(i know someone requested a drawing of him over a year ago...but i got lazy - im SORRY! T.T) - but then decided on kurapica - since i dont c as much fanart oh him

and i guess i still dont kno the person who wrote that comment - guess it was a longshot - only reason i knew was because its still there in the "recent comment" section - just not in the comment box when u click it up. but thanks for everyone's support! AND i also realised - as someone else mentioned - why would i only steal ONE pic if it was a series? u gotta accuse me of stealin the others as well right? ;P

Oh and happy belated CHINESE NEW YEAR to those that care (i know lotsa different nationalities celebrate it as well - even if its just for fun )- hope u got lotsa money (tradition for adults to give money to children in red envelopes) i heard my lil bro and my big sis got $50 each from my parents alone O_O....but im livin away so i get nothing T.T...i wonder how much my lil bro got from everyone else? he's young enough to be spoilt thats why.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   i wanna know
i kno its a long shot but i wanna know who wrote this

Posted On: 02/02/08
u diddnt draw this its all over the website and plus i no who the real preason who drew this ass wipe!...

i think its aimed at the picture with sakura with the tattoo (the crazy sexy cool series). The post got deleted b4 i got to it (im sorry to all my friends, i know i dont visit that often T.T)

- and prob the only person who would know is the person who wrote it - which mean they wont wanna talk to me anyways...

but i wanna kno!!!! who is suppose to have my fanart then? ps - dont go calling ppl names b4 u ask for answers (i say alwys check the date of submission - although i do submit to minitokyo under my sis' nick "skye" as well)

im guessin they reported my fanart then got their comment deleted cause god knows how long my pics have been there. AND THANK GOD THEY STILL ARE. i know i'll cry the day a pic gets deleted because someone said it wasnt mine T.T

- although bright side - its good enough to be taken right?

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

   happy belated xmas and wish ya happy new year
just like the subject says happy belated xmas and wish ya happy new year

not much happening with me - just spendin my days watching anime, playing my wii, or reading

hope everyone is well and have a great time ^_^

am currently dying in this 40degree celcius heat - xmas summers sucks
gotta feel sorry for santa clause here :P

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Monday, August 20, 2007

   life is......
life is SAD - mainly cause its that time of the year where the years 8's are losing their cuteness and intergrating themselves more firmly into the minds of their wonderful teachers by becoming ------ little ferals T.T

why? not sure but i hope someone can one day answer for me...sad to say the year 9's will stay that way untill they reach mid year 10's, since this would be the time those lil ferals need to grow up and start thinkin about their futures.... the worst part - when the year 10's decide that they'd make a load more money by becoming garbage truck drivers (yes truly aspirating - 2 kids told me this)

ah well - managed to finish a request on sunday - no i wont be able to take more (lifes too busy) unless ur willin to wait - sometimes for a long LONG time - plus - only draw things that interest me anyways ^_^

well hope everyone else's i fine - sigh - kinda wish it was summer holidays T.T already

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Friday, July 13, 2007

yeah its been ages since i last posted :P but most people should be used to it by now i guess. went visitin ppl yesterday - but then cut it down updates in july since im sure i've missed way too muc T.T SORRY if i didnt visit u ah watched the new harry potter movie yesterday - they're all so grown up T.T - sniff. not been doin much lately - been hooked on 3 ds games which isnt helping O.O but how can u help but juggle through them. finally got that pokemon ds game - it came out june 21st but i couldnt get it till 2wks later because of my job. ah watched naruto shuppuden? cant remember the name - but yay! i so love it wen it follows the manga >_<....im such a sucker wen it comes to anime - wateva i get hooked on i draw - so i drew a naruto sasuke pic - and hear i thought i wouldnt draw them again for ages...lol- the power of addiction
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

   hey ppl ^_^
yeah - its been ages since ive updated - but hey - im slack. that and life is busy T.T and a pain in the rear at times :P - guess i really shouldnt be drawing then ^_^ - current going through a tsubasa phase right now - mainly with the characters kurogane and princess tomoyo (check out my newer pics)

should say sorry i cant visit everyone all the time -_-

so wish it was the holidays - i so need to play a good long rpg - and on that note why are the wii ones taking ages to come out?????? - stupid nintendo - ur too slow! so sucks. - i want the new pokemon game but its not out in australia til april 22 - almost there T.T

well have fun guys ^_^

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

heya guys - yeah ive been lazy with posting ^^' wat else is new? well gotta say thanks with support for the art thief thing (so many ppl out there who have no originality or morals :P)

yay its easter break! well i pretty much only hav one week of relaxation b4 i hav to get up and do catchup work T.T

trying to cram in drawing (just finished one) and playing my ds/wii into my life ^_^ - my bro dropped his ds lite and broke it O.O - so i gave him my sp (my ds belongs to me!)

will go visiting ppl tomorrow cause im goin to watch the Mr Bean movie wif friends soon (they chose it not me :P)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

i just found someone whos trying to pass off very badly pixelated versions of my fanarts http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40886420/?qo=1&q=by%3Amiharu72&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps and http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40692844/?qo=4&q=by%3Amiharu72&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps if any one has a deviant art account - can you ask what their deal is? cause it looks like they only changed the quality i doubt they could've redrawn it and do the exact same bg in that much detail stupid ppl! so can someone go abuse them for me cause i dont have an account T.T
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

look what i came across O_O

little kiddies DONT look - i dont wanna be reponsible for ruining your eyes
kishimoto's giving us some fanservice

konohomaru's new sexy no jutsu
boy x boy version!!!!!


my response - i laughed my head off

what was yours????

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   otaku legend?
yay! im an otaku legend - still dont really get the titles around this place. how do we get assigned these titles anyways - does it depend on how long we've been here? or how much you participate? not sure but yup ^^

yep not much going on in my life - except the fact that some of the other teachers are afraid i might have a nervous breakdown because of my students (yes they are that bad - some even brag about being the reason for the last teacher leavin)

still hangin in there so yeah ^^ - guess it so doesnt help that im a short midget of a teacher and supposedly look like a student myself acording to some of them. does that mean i hav to look like an old senior before i get respect? stupid reasoning if you ask me.

cant wait til the holidays ^_^
then i can play video games and maybe do some art

well hope u guys are havin fun ^^

lol - actually did manage to get some kids hooked on naruto during my practs mwahahahah

ps. if some site belonging to the clarkville anime group puts up some of my art - i've allowed them to - feels great to hav ppl ask ^^

seeya ^_^

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