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I Am Lord Sesshomaru..

As Im descovering..
theres many
claiming this...obscurity...
I have no fulfillment in pretending...faking..
It is me..believe or not. I wont waste any more time than i should trying to explain myself and prove my true actual exsistance. apparently."Inuyasha" is huge.and in anime and books all over the world none the less..does this give me betterment for my own to put myself out here like this? No.
it deafens my being.
Im labeled as a fake.
I have no idea how our Life had gotten to this point. why us in that matter. that we were some made up characters in the Author's mind, to you and her possibly. She has yet to figure out.As the rest of the world. To set this correctly.
.I have decided to make myself known. For the reasons humans like yourselves wouldnt understand. that doesnt suprize me.Your the most greedy creatures upon earth.
you can never possibly understand.And it would not matter.either way. believing.... that's entirely your Choice,You not believing would no doubt benefit me. believe the ones who dress up like me. If it makes you feel any better.believe to not believe.I wouldnt be suprized if you didnt..seeing as to the whole in general. this has gotten rediculous. has it not?.

However the matter..

Here I am.
give me time..

I will prove this truth in some meere future.

Now, I also thankyou for reading this..

there's 2 minutes of your life that i've taken and you'll never get back.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

My current Thoughts
My Opinions and thoughts toward the following:
"cosplay",Fakers,Imposters,My name used for others, Fanclubs of me(which im yet to descover more)

it normally wouldnt matter to me..remarks as..if they were suppose to offend me..

yet when i am in a new place and i get "another fake, your as pathetic as everyone else, my friend is lord sesshoumaru too"

It would make you think...now wouldnt it?.

how many of me are there? last time i had pressumed,there was Me
not a million.
Your friend is a fake.
and im tired of this.
I dont know, what business you have of spelling my name with a "u" as well.

now look to my name.
thats also rediculous. that i can not put my real name here without it being portrayed to someone else's use, and claim.
Blasphemy and Shame to you all.
The "U" is Sota's blame.

Mt perseption of Humans was wrong as well. Outside of Loathing the fact of what you all are,
your more pathetic than i configure.

I was wrong in this view i can't imagine why i expected a higher point.

Have you no shame in what you do?

you feel so much the need to write to me,
leave this worth while and appropriable, one worth me enduring.
Do they matter to me?
Truthfully, No.
Does facts and matters concerning me and my being of existance such as this. Yes.

im trying to figure out the meaning of this. Nor will i let this pass.For any of you.

It never had hit me until today.
How much of you there are...How much you all...

endouse yourselves over this.You even seem to love this.
I dont know whether to feel..Offended,nor pleased.
i'll tell you.
Pleased i am the least of.
Offended, shocked..yes.

there are...questions you answer with my pictures, fanclubs, people dressing like me when you go somewhere,say "i am lord sesshomaru" and have someone believe you.Pathetic.

for what purpose do you do this?
because you enjoy it? pretending to be something you arent?
we are That Amusing?.

it amuses me, that you all believe so.
I was wrong for thinking less of this.

im configuring my actions of this.
So for the first.
I do not want to hear "do you know of Sesshoumaru, sesshomaru is the greatest, lord sesshomaru they're my friends"

i most certainly do not know anyone
you all know so much of me already, what do you think? would it in anyway matter to me?.

No.I dont come to make friends with people, never the less here on this..."internatt"
nor anywhere else.
I feel nothing for any of you. i know none of you.
for what good reason should i?

my purposes for being here are to set things correctly, and make myself known.the Me you all try to impersonate, be and love.
Im offended with this.Entirely.

no more pretence. no more blasphemy and fakery, no cosplaying.I dont want to see any of this.
Unfortunately, i can not stop every single one of your rudeness.

i'll show you, how entirely real and frightening this will be.


Every, Single ..one.. of.. you.

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