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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


AWWWW you guys are so sweet! hahaha, im feeling a whole lot better today!


*ahem* anyways, my college class got canceled so im just sitting in lab getting my "hours" up. ((im supposed to have 18...))
OH! i was walking up to the lab and i saw this punk guy ((faints)) and i was thinking:
"OH MY GOD, he's hot!"
turns out he was like, this 20 year old who wasnt hot, but not bad looking and he had awesome liberty spikes
i just kinda smiled and laughed to myself thinking, "damn, why didnt i wear my punk jacket?"
haha, it was pretty interesting. =P

on another note, it was my friend(s) birthday(s) yesterday. we went to Applebees and ate some food.

((what else would we do?))


i laughed so hard i almost choked on my spagetti, and Kanransha ((Jeniff)) hehe. made a dessert! the...uhh...what was it...Applebees Special?? anyways, she has pictures of it on her site:


heehee. well, i guess thats it. goodbye all!!!

--The One And Only--

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