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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

   it isnt really a post, but you can still read it

this is not a post. im just keeping a story here so i can come back to it later! you can still read it if you want ^,^ "She's only the fastest mare we have," Said the stable owner. " We call her Nine."

"Nine, huh? Is there a reason as to why you call her that??" Asked the jockey. He was a short man weighing only just 100 pounds. Will was his name, and he had a way with horses.

"Well, one reason is because her registered name is Whiskey For Nine. Another reason is because she had been in an auction and sold to a slaughter factory. On the 9th of June, we went out there with enough money to buy atleast five horses. Wiskey For Nine was in the ninth muddy paddock, and, beleive it or not, she had nine days left to live!" Replied the stable owner, Sam.

"Wow, now thats a story. She sure dont look, or act, like she's been through all that! This must be one of the nicest mares i've ever layed eyes on. And I ain't just talkin' about personality." Will said, with bright, exited eyes.

"Well, I'll get her out so you can have a better look. Hell, you could even ride her 'round the track if ya want!" Suggested Sam, who was also getting exited.

okay, well, that's kinda it for now. you can comment or something if you have any ideas or see a mistake. see y'all later!

--The One And Only--

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